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Crewsaver Spray Hood f-Crewfit 35 Sport



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Spray Hood f/Crewfit 35 Spo

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Spray Hood for Crewfit 35 Sport

The Universal Crewsaver Spray Hood is designed with high visibility and safety in mind. The hood reduces the amount of spray in the wearers face. Fits over the head and inflated life jacket when in use. Stores conveniently in waist belt when not in use. The hood easily attaches to Crewfit 150N inflatable PFDs. 5.5 Sprayhood 5.5.1 General.

If any form of hood or sprayhood is fitted to cover the face in whole or in part to protect mouth and nose from water splash, the carbon dioxide level within the hood shall not exceed, % at any place at any time and shall not average more than 2,5, in any, min a when tested in accordance with ISO/DIS 12402-9:2015. The sprayhood shall be stowed in a position which keeps it clear of the user's face. It'shall not interfere with the operation of the lifejacket or create a hazard, for example through snagging. 

The sprayhood shall be able to be unstowed and deployed to protect the airway whilst the user is in the water, with the lifejacket fully deployed and inflated, if inflatable. When deployed, It'shall not impair the performance of the lifejacket in such, way as to render it no longer in conformity with the relevant requirements. In particular, the sprayhood shall be fitted with clear material compliant with ISO/DIS 12402-7:2015 to enable the user to see sufficient of the surroundings in order to aid rescue operations. If, when deployed, the sprayhood reduces the effectiveness of any retroreflective material on the lifejacket itself, the sprayhood shall itself provide an additional retroreflective area at least equal to that obscured. The sprayhood shall be easily removable from its protective position and shall be capable of being restored so that it does not fall back to its deployed position. Lifejackets including sprayhood conforming to this part of ISO/DIS 12402:2015 shall be marked with ISO 12402-8, suffixed with the word sprayhood.


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Crewsaver Spray Hood f-Crewfit 35 Sport

Crewsaver Spray Hood f-Crewfit 35 Sport

Spray Hood f/Crewfit 35 Spo

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